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Photography Tours London

Security for photographers in London

Enjoy your photography - you dont' have to get paranoid but bear these point in mind...

Don't leave your photography bags unattended or turn your back on them - some sussed-out tourists have little padlocks on all the zips of their camera bags - but this can slow you down.

We have had camera bags opened from the back several times on Tower Bridge (this is a place to be particularly vigilant) during photo tours- we were lucky that we keep moving and check our bags regularly - we found out in time.

Also watch out for strangers coming up and asking you daft questions, like where is the nearest camera shop or where to get an SD card. Don't be too polite: turn quickly on any approach - get your back to a wall or safe place: they work in twos or threes to rob you without you noticing, don't help them by getting into the position they want you in.

If you suspect you are about to be robbed do SHOUT LOUDLY. The reason is not because you are threatening to fight your way out but because the last thing they want is attention simply because they want to move on to the next victim as quickly as possible (you are just one quick, and not very important, stop to them).

We have even had a stranger ask to look through our DSLR camera - do refuse to hand it over !