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2013 - the year of weird weather

Leicester Square is now not finished again (after being finished in 2012). It seems to always have building works being done. Our favourite statues have been removed as being too dirty or damaged for our new clean image. It looks clean and cold like any spruced up place anywhere - the olde worlde London image has been trashed.

On the plus side, the government has given guidelines that photography of public buildings is not suspicious and photographers can now take photographs without being questioned and harrased. The police have been O.K. recently since they (presumably) know the law, but authoritative security people can still be a problem.

They can still stop you taking photos from shiny corporate private estates (and will it they get the chance) - if you see security people coming, get the photo and move on - unless you want to waste yours (or their) precious time. If you are sure you are really on public ground and they are nevertheless harassing you then politely tell them they have no jurisdiction and to .... ... - go away.

A short boat ride up the river a bit, the Cutty Sark is newly renovated and Greenwich looks great for photography.

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