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Photography Tours London

Guided photography tours - tuition

Be very wary of startup companies which put themselves at the top using adds on search engines - they can appear to be the top just by paying, without any track record at all.

We have seen many startup companies come and go in the last few years and we can see when they don't know what they are doing - we can see impossible routes set out for you and bold claims which are just unworkable if you understand the practicalities involved.

Don't trust companies who have a huge number of reviews on trip-advice sites - reviews don't come that easily, but they can be bought...

You have two things to think about - first are the routes what you want to see - second do you also want tuition to get the best photos.

The quality choice in London if you want a worked out route and the best tuition is LondonPhotoTours and Workshops who have been walking and teaching it since 2005.

If you don't require any tuition then checkout the top search engine results (not the adds) for "london photo tours" - these will get you round a route but the teaching quality may be variable.