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London weather for photography

The weatehr this year has been firstly very cold and then very hot - below is how it usually is ...

Usually, when it rains in London it is not heavy and not persistent. Typically we have showers which are short in duration. It is unusual for it to rain for hours on end. On a tour in Londonyou can find places to take cover and use the time for photography or other people getting wet.

If you have rain forecast then it is easy to buy a brolly or wear a raincoat, but the most important thing is not rain but temperature (which can vary enormously day to day) and wind strength (since it blows the rain finely into your camera from all angles).

With photography you should keep most cameras well out of the rain - most are not waterproof. You can get compacts that are wateproof but that is exceptional and it will be a known (and advertised) feature of the camera.

Most SLR's also are not rain or waterproof - as they get more expensive you may get weather sealing but this is not the same as waterproof and it varies with manufacturers. Even if your camera is well sealed your lens may not be.

So with photography the word is to keep your camera dry. Rain sleeves can be very cheap and helpful, once (or if) you get used to them.


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