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Compact Camera Tours

The type of compact camera you buy depend on what you want from your photography. Certainly you get what you pay for in a camera, but there are some things you may want to look out for:

Firstly - how much control do you want over your camera?  With a point and shooot camera you have little or no control over the creative features but it lets you take photos easily.  Some point and shoot cameras will give good results a lot of the time - the cheaper ones will give good results some of the time (when conditions are very favourable for photography).

If you want to control your compact then you need a compact boasting more than Auto.  Look for P, S, or A usually on a control dial on the top of the camera.  If you see these, then you can control your compact creatively -  but bear in mind you will need the knowledge to go with these features, since you are the photographer, not the camera.

Typically you will get either darkened people, or burn-out skies (if you use exposure compensation). The only way round this on most compacts is to use flash. Also, if you take people with sky behind, make sure the sun is not behind them.

Often blue skies will work out fine, but London sky tends to be white a lot of the time which means you can't get the tonal range with most compacts.

If you want better quality and less weight than a DSLR then you might consider a Compact System Camera which will give you the advantage of interchangeable lenses and better quality than compacts.

In spite of the hype we dont' yet condisider smartphones or tablet pad cameras to be serious quality unless you just want to share snaps with friends (fair enough if you do).