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Photography Tours London

Planning your photo tours

It can help if you plan ahead for your photography needs before you leave home. Camera equipment is more expensive in the UK than many countries including the US, so you may want to consider upgrading at least some of your equipment where you live and where you know the score.

Consider any extra lenses if you have a DSLR so that you cover a range from wide angle to telephoto. A good all round lens might be 18 -200 mm zoom lens. This depends mightily on what level your camera is at - you get what you pay for in general. If you can get away from only the kit lens on entry level cameras then you won't be disappointed.

Allow your self time to plan a route: by far the best way is to go on foot. Looking at how tourism operates in Lonndon and the leaflets that will be thrust into your hands - what happens to most people is they end up on a tourbus going all round London, imagining that this will clue them in to all they need to know and give them great photos.

No this doesn't work, you are not officially allowed to stand up, people are always in the way, and you shoot around London so fast that you can't get studied photos and you don't gain any idea of where anything is so you can find it again. This is not the way to get great photos (though you may get some strangely interesting head shots).

In reality you will almost certainly end up doing exactly as in the last paragraph especially if you have family with you. Tourism is like a food factory with your wallet as sausage. You will need to plan some time for your photography where you can walk round at your own pace...

Best to get some maps of London which you can get at Tourist Centres or better still download in advance - links to useful info here.

If you have internet access then remember that most camera manuals can be found online.